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About Us

Established for over 20 years ago by founders with senior experience of negotiating and managing key strategic commercial relationships, we help clients, including Blue Chip companies and their key vendors as well as business, professional and financial services providers, get the most out of key strategic commercial relationships.

Operating at both local and global levels, we use best-in-class B2B market research tools to gather actionable relationship intelligence. With partners in key markets including the US, France, Germany, Australia and South Africa, our team deploys its wide experience to help clients leverage this intelligence to minimise risk and maximise opportunities across key strategic B2B relationships.


What we do

Relationship Audits® helps its clients, whether Blue Chip companies, marketing agencies, professional services firms, or vendors, develop an in-depth understanding of the state of their key strategic partner relationships and so optimise their potential.

We help them identify potential problem areas which may be damaging key B2B relationships. We also highlight opportunities to maximise commercial potential by leveraging strong B2B relationships.

  • Help service providers secure and grow relationships with clients and customers
  • Help Not For Profit (NFP) organisations secure and grow their partner/donor relationships
  • Help Enterprise Companies and their procurement teams assess and better leverage the relationships with tier one suppliers/providers to drive business and margin growth
  • Provide ‘Relationship Diligence’ for M&A and investment activity
  • Manage employee assessments
  • Undertake win/loss assessments for service providers to help agencies and suppliers better understand why they have won or lost a pitch or tender
  • Deliver training and consultancy to upskill staff managing key business relationships so they can improve retention and drive growth

How we work

Our award-winning online relationship assessment tools, and our in-depth person-to-person interviews, gather forensic intelligence on key business-to-business relationships

Online survey tools

  • Four proven and effective relationship assessment tools, including Relationship Pulse®, developed specifically to assess staff performance and business relationship quality in the Working From Home (WFH) environment
  • Relationship RADAR®, our award-winning quick and easy-to-use assessment tool, is available with or without commitment analysis
  • Customised solutions are available for clients who want them
  • Engaging survey interface
  • Real time, secure and interactive data dashboards deliver actionable relationship intelligence using easy-to-understand charts and graphs
  • Our experts can provide objective and insightful analysis of the real strength of a business relationship through in-depth interviews conducted in person, by phone, or via video conferencing (for detailed information, click here)
  • Our unique Client/Customer Commitment Analysis goes beyond simple satisfaction surveys and explores what clients really want and what they intend to do

What makes us different?

We work for client companies, services providers and suppliers/vendors across many different industries, including: marketing; professional services; financial services; automotive; pharmaceuticals; telecoms; consumer packaged goods (CPG), like confectionery and household products; entertainment; retail and more.

  • We adopt a flexible approach across our client interaction
    • Intelligence gathering - online assessments, deep dive interviews or a combination of the two
    • Analysis & Reporting - with or without analysis provided by Relationship Audits®
    • Flexible commercial models - relationship intelligence gathering and reporting can be fully managed by Relationship Audits®, or clients can self-manage by taking a licence
  • Our clients tell us that their investment in using Relationship Audits® pays back many times over – check their comments out here
  • Entirely focused on key strategic business-to-business relationships, we are the go-to experts in the space
  • We practice what we preach, constantly listening to our clients and using their feedback to innovate and refine our products
  • We work across many different market categories, and are able to identify opportunities to take proven solutions from one industry and apply them for the benefit of clients in other industries
  • Our extensive business relationship database, covering millions of data points over the past 20 years, allows clients to globally benchmark their performance against that of similar companies

Highly Experienced

Team of Experts

South Africa
Carey Evans

Founding partner


Simon Rhind-Tutt

Founding partner


Ann Nurock

Partner Africa

South Africa

South Africa
Bernard Petit

Partner France


Phil Asche

Partner North America


Kumar Vaidyanathan

Partner Australasia


Jorg Borgwardt

Partner Germany


Sanjay Thapar

Partner India


Nicole Dippenaar

Project/Account Manager

South Africa

South Africa
Christy Schulz

Technical director


Samuel Murray

Project/Account Manager