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Trusted by clients globally

Meet Relationship Audits®

Relationship Audits® helps companies maximise the potential of their key strategic commercial relationships by helping them fix the right problems or barriers to growth and leverage the best opportunities.

We are commissioned by blue chip service providers and buyers in many different types of industry on a global and local basis giving us a helicopter view to help cross fertilise our learning to all our clients across industry types.

We are constantly enhancing our industry leading intelligence gathering tools as well as developing new innovative ways of reporting relationship health, simply but dramatically.

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What we can do for you


Actionable relationship intelligence = more revenue

Through generating Actionable Relationship Intelligence we help our clients identify the right problems and opportunities to both save and make money


Proprietary tools & extensive relationship experience

We generate Actionable Relationship Intelligence using best-in-class proprietary tools (from our award - winning RADAR® online tool, to deep dive assessments) coupled with extensive experience in managing and assessing high-value relationships.


Tailored & off the shelf solutions

Our proprietary tools can be used to benchmark performance against our huge database or we can create bespoke solutions


Managed or self-managed process

We manage the assessment programme for our clients or license our proprietary IP to give them unlimited usage and control


Leverage our learning

Extensive experience with service buyers and providers across many different industry types and geographies means we can consistently give our clients the inside track for competitive advantage


Upskilling your personnel

We offer workshops, training and mentoring to help our clients increase the potential of their own relationship capital - their staff - to strengthen external relationships

How strong are your relationships?

Take our quiz to get a topline view of the potential health of your overall key strategic relationships management programme. Based on your responses you will get an indication of whether you need to transform, improve or maintain where you currently stand.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say

Global Service Provider

I would not hesitate in recommending Relationship Radar® to any client or service provider who places a premium on the health of their critical business partnerships

Global Enterprise Company

The results of working with Relationship Audits® and their tools has far exceeded our expectations. We were able to clearly understand where our challenges were, allowing us to take immediate action with precision and rapidly intervene in situations that may have become more serious.

Global Service Provider

We love the Relationship Radar® tool. It is smart, insightful, easy, useful and practical. It is a cockpit from which to see, hear and navigate relationships – both broadly and very specifically.

Global Enterprise Company

Relationship RADAR® has given us much needed insight as to what about our agencies works and what doesn’t work. It has also allowed us to evaluate our own business and marketing way of working to embed improved standard operating procedures therefore allowing the agencies to focus on what they do best – creating great work.

Global Service Provider

I can confidently recommend RAM® for work with client surveys. They are reliable, their product offering is easy to work with and they offer excellent knowledge and experience in this area.

Global Enterprise Company

RADAR® has definitely helped us improve our relationships with our Agency Partners and to swiftly understand the one or two critical areas we need to hone in on to achieve more effective partnerships to the benefit of our brand

Global Service Provider

The results of using RADAR® far exceeded anything we could have hoped for and we would recommend it to any agency who wants long healthy and successful partnerships with their clients

Global Service Provider

I can strongly recommend Relationship Audits® to any service firm wishing to assess and improve their ongoing service delivery to their clients

Global Service Provider

Appointing Relationship Audits® has brought an enormous benefit to our business…to our culture, client service and our revenue. It’s a no brainer