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Scott Singer
Your work is always hugely insightful and consistently provides us with invaluable intelligence. I really must say that out of everyone we work with externally, you really do add the greatest value, and I feel have the greatest sense of ownership in what you are doing. You really care – and that is the most valuable of things when you are trusting someone with your best clients
Pernod Ricard
Charl Bassil
Marketing Director
This letter serves to confirm that Pernod Ricard South Africa and our house of brands have included the Relationship Radar evaluation tool in our creative, media and research agency contracts since June 2016. When this tool was initially sold to us, we bought into the view that is was simple and cost-effective with quick turnaround times. The promise was compelling: an independent, no-holds-barred view of how we are managing our agency partnerships and subsequent deliverables. Even more compelling is the idea that feedback is benchmarked against other agencies so that we can tell not only how well our agency relationships are doing in absolute terms but also compared with industry averages. The results have far exceeded our expectations! With a wide range of brands within our portfolio and an increasingly complex array of agencies working on those brands we were able to quickly understand where our challenges are. This allowed us to take immediate action with precision and rapidly intervene in situations that may have become more serious. Part of what makes all of this work so well is Ann Nurock herself. With a wealth of experience in the advertising industry, Ann really understands the business. Her insights, advice offered and calm yet confident approach is invaluable. And her ability to contextualize challenges within the industry in light of the data is beyond reproach. This allows that Feedback - no matter how difficult — is positively received and remedial steps implemented. Our initial concerns that we might be expecting our teams and agencies to set aside their precious time to deal with yet another survey were easily quelled. The questionnaire itself takes a few minutes to complete. And where agencies did take time to offer us guidance in the free-form questions (although not compulsory) gave us content that were talking points within our organization to take longer-term corrective action. The effectiveness (and efficiency) of how clients and agencies partner with each other is one of the real challenges in this industry and it is therefore rare to find a tool or method that one can honestly say provides a new level of managing these relationships. But for us, Relationship Radar is that tool. We are delighted and I would highly recommend Ann Nurock and Relationship Radar to any business who wants to manage their agency relationships effectively.
Elouise Kelly
Head of Marketing
This letter serves to confirm that the SABC and hour house of brands included the Relationship RADAR evaluation tool in our creative agency contracts to ensure we were able to manage agency relationships and subsequent deliverables. When this tool was initially sold to us we bought into it because of: The simplicity of it The Cost-effectiveness The quick turn-around times The tracking facility to allow for remedial work. We have recently concluded our 3rd Relationship RADAR survey and not only are we satisfied as per the points above, but the tool has delivered even more for us. It has given us much needed insight as to what about our agencies works and what doesn’t work. It has also allowed the SABC to evaluate our own business and marketing way of working to embed improved standard operating procedures therefore allowing the agencies to focus on what they do best – creating great work. Ann Nurock, who runs the surveys for us, has brought her wealth of experience in the advertising industry to the table to assist not only with the tool but also with marketing best practices. Her calm, yet confident manner has ensured that she has established great relationships with no only the SABC but with our creative agencies as well. This ensures that feedback, no matter how negative, is always positively accepted and remedial steps implemented accordingly. I would urge any business working with creative agencies to implement the Relationship RADAR tool only good can come from it.
Standard Bank
Nikki Twomey
Head: marketing and Communication
We are well into our second year of working with Ann Nurock and the RADAR tool. Having worked with other companies and other relationship audit tools, i can honestly say that this is the best one. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly the tool is easy to use, with a few focused questions and is quick to complete. Secondly there is improved transparency so that people can own the statements that they make and thirdly, these is an immediate flagging of problem areas so that one doesn't have to wait until the process is complete to address any burning concerns. Most important of all is the facilitated discussion with Ann herself. She is so professional, objective, always constructive and equally supportive of agencies and clients and a complete pleasure to work with. RADAR has definitely helped us to improve our relationships with our agency partners and to swiftly understand the one or two critical areas that we need to hone in on to achieve more effective partnerships to the benefit of our brand.
Candice de Bruin
Chief Marketing Officer
I confirm that Werksmans Attorneys engaged the services of Relationship Audits & management (RAM) in 2014. They assisted us with conducting an online survey with those clients who constituted our top 50. Their services extended to the whole process: the set-up and deployment of the survey; the benchmarking against Industry standards; the final assessment and collating of a report including recommendations. During our work with RAM, they provided an excellent hands-on service and guidance on how to get the best results from our client base through well-structured questions. The information collected through the survey resulted in several learnings regarding our key client relationships which we have since implemented in our approaches to select clients with some favourable results. We worked principally with Ann Nurock who was instrumental in channelling our thinking and crafting our survey so it was both seamless and an optimal fit to meet our purposes. I can confidently recommend RAM for work with client surveys. They are reliable, their product offering is easy to work with and they offer excellent knowledge and experience in this area.
cdm London
Core Media Group
Chris Davis
Chief Operating Officer
Following on from your assistance in getting our relationship with Woolworths back on track, during 2012, I am pleased to advice you that our Fairview Cheese business has gone from strength to strength since then. For your information, our business with WW has grown in salves value by 28.35% for the period of March-July 15 vs. 14 and for our financial year March 14 – Feb 15 it grew by 38.95% vs. the previous financial year. I am also pleased to advise you that we won the Woolworths Dairy Supplier of the year, for 2015 – a prestigious award that we have long yearned for! We have also seen the successful introduction of several new cheese launches that have been well received by Woolworths – helping to fuel our growth as well as cement our relationship with the, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the role of Relationship Audits in helping Fairview Cheese to improve our relationship with Woolworths and the success that has come about as a result thereof. Wishing you all the best
Hava Lynx
King James
James Barty
Chief Executive
The RADAR relationship measurement process has proven to be very powerful. Not only do we now have an agile, industry benchmarked too, but it facilitates regular intervention critical in todays' every shifting marketing and agency landscape.
M&C Saatchi Abel
Mike Abel
Founding Partner: Chief Executive
We love the tool. It is smart, insightful, easy, useful and practical. It is indeed less a barometer thankfully – and far more a cockpit from which to see, hear and navigate relationships – both broadly and every specifically.
Publicis Media
Andrew Allison
Group Chief Operating Officer
Quirk ran its inaugural Relationship RADAR survey earlier this year; and the feedback we received from clients through the process was invaluable. Ann herself was fantastic – she has a wealth of industry experience and context and has given us some really great advice and food for thought. We are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver better work and greater value to our clients, and will definitely be using the RADAR going forward as a key benchmark of our performance
Marie Jamieson
Executive Director
RADAR has undertaken several waves of RADAR so far, and we see our relationship continuing well into the future. The tool is quick and easy to complete, with hugely insightful output. The ability to see at a glance where key issues lie, or have potential to develop, is like gold dust in today's fast-moving environment. The fact that it drills down beyond key business units, into key individuals across all levels of client organisation, means that actions can be taken with pinpoint precision. But the real power of RADAR goes beyond the tool; it lies with the holistic process and of course with the seasoned expertise of Ann. An industry stalwart - Ann's ability to bring a sense of experienced perspective means that sensitive issues, from both client and agency, are outed and broached objectively and maturely. In a nuthsell, RADAR is a great way to improve the two-way delivery so critical to the health and growth of the brands we serve.
The Social Element
Patsy Fagan
Founder and Director
I recently had the pleasure of working with Ann Nurock from Relationship Audits. We met due to a request from my client, Pernod Richard to find a world class Agency Assessment tool which could be implemented quickly. Ann and I met shortly after this request and we got along straight away. Ann presented the RADAR tool to me and it was a perfect fit for my client. Ann is a true professional. She is knowlageable, fair and eliquant in all her dealings. Ann has many years experience and as such is held is high regard by all her clients and agencies. Ann is an excellent mediator with a very fair approach to all assessments she presents back to the clients and agencies. She allows all the parties to have a chance to speak and raise their issues in a trust-worthy, approachable, well informed manor. The Radar system has been so successful at Pernod Richard that their Audit team from France have given it a global best practice rating which is absolutely fantastic. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ann and i look forward to working on many projects in the future together. I would recommend working with Ann and Radar to all my clients. I'm available at any time to discuss any of the above.
Jarred Cinman
Managing Director
In February 2015 we commissioned our first Relationship Radar from Ann Nurock and her team, under the special terms negociated by the IAB South Africa. The promise was compelling: an independent, no-holds-barred view of how our clients are feeling about our agency. Who wouldn't want to know that? Even more compelling is the idea that this feedback is benchmarked against other agencies. The idea is that an agency can tell not only how well it's doing in absolute terms but also compared with industry averages. In a competitve industry like ours that kind of knwledge could make all the difference. The results far exceeded anything we could have hoped. With close to 50 clients surveyed we were able to instantly understand where our challenges are - not only which accounts, but which individuals within those accounts. This allowed for action to be taken with surgical precision and we were rapidly able to intervene in situations that may have become much more serious. Part of the secret to this service is Ann herself. With decades of experience at the head of an agency herself, Ann understands this business. Her insights and advice offered in light of the data is invaluable. with around 30 other agencies participating in this survey, her ability to contextualise our challenges within the industry norms are without equal. Our initial fear that we would be imposing on our clients with a drawn-out survey were quickly put aside. The questionnaire itself takes a few minutes to complete, and the free-form questions are not compulsory. That said, where clients did take time to offer us guidance that gave us meaningful content on which to take corrective action. Best of all, those clients who are in a particularly good place with the agency were made visible. This has allowed us to recognise the teams and individuals in our business who are doing a great job, and implement a new way of motivating and rewarding people on the front line. how agencies and clients relate to each other is part of a pattern that stretches back eighty years, and is one of the abiding challenges in doing this kind of business. It is, therefore, rare to find new tools or method which you can honestly say provides a turning point for how you manage these relationships. It is no exaggeration to say that, for us, Relationship Radar is that tool. We will be doing these surveys on an ongoing basis from now on, looking for improvements in the weak areas and constantly watching for our performance against industry metrics. We belive this gives us a much needed early warning system for clients where there are problems; and a new way to spot clients who are ready to grow with us off the back of strong, healthy relationships. We are delighted and we highly recommend Relationship Radar to any agency who wants long, healthy and successful partnerships with their clients.
David Blyth
Relationship Audits and Management have recently undertaken research for Yellowwood on client expectations regarding the desired competency from our business and their satisfaction with our delivery. In addition, the views of employee we also assessed against the same. Ann and her team were extremely helpful in designing a specific questionnaire to suit our requirements and managing the data collection and reporting in an extremely professional, timeous and confidential manner. We found the report, supporting data and analysis tools very practical and useful, not only benchmarking our delivery, but also in its support of our business planning exercises. I can strongly recommend Relationship Audits and Management to any Service firm wishing to assess and improve their ongoing delivery to clients.