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Phil Asche

Phil is RAM’s senior partner for North America. He has an extensive international career in marketing, communications and relationship assessment and management, and joined RAM in 2005 to open its North America practice.

Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Events for META Group, a leading technology research and consulting company.

He also spent many years with Young and Rubicam Inc., one of the largest international marketing and advertising firms in the world, holding various positions including Regional Chairman and Chief Executive of Y&R’s Africa and Australasia businesses.

Phil served as Executive Vice President and Senior Worldwide Account Director in the New York headquarters, and led the Y&R Group’s worldwide work for major consumer and business-to-business clients such as American Express, Colgate-Palmolive and DuPont.

Phil resides in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is a keen blue water sailor and has captained yachts in numerous ocean races, including Sydney to Hobart and Newport to Bermuda.