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Introducing Relationship Pulse® Relationship Pulse® is an online tool that enables you to assess how WFH affects business relationships and how partners perceive your company Book A Demo DOWNLOAD PDF

Relationship Pulse®

Since the onset of COVID-19 most organisations have had to rapidly adapt to new ways of Working From Home (WFH).

That means how companies talk to clients and suppliers has changed radically, with a shift away from the formality of the office to a new more flexible business relationship reality.

Those that successfully manage this change without letting it impact their key strategic B2B relationships will be best placed to retain and develop their business after the global crisis is over.

Organisations need to understand what’s working and what’s not, so that the WFH process can be optimised for both clients and suppliers.

Relationship Pulse® helps you do just that. You can evaluate whether the ‘new normal’ of WFH has affected how clients, customers and suppliers relate to your organisation, and how it is coping with the COVID-19 challenge.

It’s an online survey tool that’s quick and easy to use for participants and, like all Relationship Audits tools and services, delivers actionable relationship intelligence.

Not only does Relationship Pulse® enables you to identify potential problems and best practice, it also lets you compare your performance against our global benchmarks of millions of relationship datapoints.

Quick & easy to use with engaging user interface

  • Assessment takes 2-3 minutes to complete
  • Accessible, clear and colourful user interface
  • Mix of quantitative (8) & qualitative (2) questions
  • Unique link for each participant ensures security

Simple to set up and easy to deploy

  • Designed for use on PC/MAC, tablet and smartphone
  • Automated, web-enabled process means assessments are distributed and collected from participants by email
  • Identify which individuals you wish to take part and populate an Excel spreadsheet with their key details
  • Variable KPI subsets under consistent headings available for different types of industries

Realtime and clear reporting

  • Access to your own online results dashboard
  • Automatic alerts for low scores
  • Access can be tiered and restricted via password
  • Completion summary with real time updates
  • Graphic presentation of results as they come in, with filtering options for ‘drill-down’ detail
  • Clear signposting of issues & opportunities
  • Benchmarking capability
  • Customisable, automated report writer for fast and easy report preparation
  • Data fully exportable

Frequently asked questions


  • Allow 1 week to secure client agreement and send the confirmed participation list to Relationship Audits®
  • An initial 10-14 days for clients to complete, with a possible 1 week extension for slow responders
  • Please note that from the moment the survey goes live results will be available to you in real-time
  • All the individuals at different levels with whom you work, or who are considered key influencers
  • This should include the Key-Decision-Makers (those that have the power to award or terminate business)
  • We recommend senior agency account leads call their clients to ask for their participation in a “Working From Home (WFH) study” commissioned by the agency to identify how well it is performing in the current, ‘working from home’ environment
    • Relationship Audits® can provide a draft script for this conversation
  • Whilst this can be done via email, we find that the perceived importance of the survey and subsequent client participation is higher if clients are spoken to personally.
  • The most efficient method is to speak to the senior client to get his/her agreement to take part, and ask that he/she emails or speaks to their colleagues internally to let them know that you are commissioning the survey and would like their participation.
    • Relationship Audits® can provide a draft copy for this as well
  • Yes, assuming you have someone who has the available time to manage the process internally
  • If so, Relationship Audits® can make links for each participating client individual available to a nominated agency person to forward
  • Under normal circumstances we’d recommend sending separate invitations for each business unit within your company
  • However, you may judge it is best just to send one to cover the entire organisation to look at the big picture
    • Relationship Audits® can offer deep-dive telephone or video conference interviews to follow up with any client to gain more detailed feedback
  • The Relationship Audits® average for completions from clients in all surveys in 2019 was 73%
  • There are no indications that current completion rates are any lower
  • Relationship Audits® have designed the process to involve the minimum amount of time from you if the process is wholly managed by us
  • It is usually best if a manager is assigned to complete the spreadsheet of client participants with agreed tagging and to liaise with Relationship Audits®


  • Complete the spreadsheet of client details and secure client agreement to participate
  • If necessary, chase slow responding clients to complete the survey
    • Relationship Audits® will automatically send reminder e mails after the first and second week to those who have not taken part
  • Act on the feedback
  • N.B. Our experience is that responses are quicker if you send your client an email the day before the survey goes live to inform that they will receive an invitation the
    following day

    • We have example draft copy we can share, if required
  • Tagging fields should be entered for all clients. Any missing or inconsistent information will cause gaps in the data and results
  • Yes, we will provide a demonstration version to approve before the survey goes live
    • We will also include your logo in the survey
  • Relationship Audits® emails a unique survey access link to each participating client individual. These are not transferable to others in the client organisation
  • Real-time access via our online dashboard showing completion rates
  • You will need to judge what best suits your business
  • For most businesses we recommend every 3 months to enable you benchmark your performance against the last wave
  • It depends on what’s required and would need further discussion to clarify.