Privacy Policy

Relationship Audits® promises to respect your privacy in its business activities. We recognise that private information which can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, telephone number and email address, should be protected. Your personal information cannot be obtained simply by accessing our website. Any personal data acquired on this website through requests registration or enquiries will be handled in strict accordance with our personal information protection policy described below.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Relationship Audits® considers protection of personal information and the implementation of security measures to be both the basis of its business activities and its obligation to society. We have laid down a personal information protection policy as described below which we bring to the attention of our directors and employees, and we do our best to ensure that personal information is adequately protected.

1. Appropriate acquisition, use and provision of personal information

In addition to establishing a control system for protection of personal information, we handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the provisions laid down regarding the acquisition, use and provision of personal information.

2. Implementation of safety measures regarding personal information

To ensure the safety of personal information, we implement security measures in an effort to prevent and rectify unauthorised access to, loss, destruction, falsification or leaking of personal information.

3. Observance of laws and rules

In handling personal information, we observe laws and rules applicable to the protection of the personal information concerned.

4. Formulation and continuous improvement of compliance program

We have established a compliance program relating to the protection of personal information which we bring to the attention of our directors and employees, implement strictly and regularly check, review and improve.