Services to maximise the potential of your strategic relationships

Goldfish bowl – strategic relationships

Relationship Audits® helps companies maximize the potential of their strategic business relationships, be they clients/customers, suppliers, staff or other partner organisations.

Through a unique set of proprietary tools we generate actionable intelligence on the relationships to identify the impediments to and accelerators for relationship prosperity, minimise the relationship risk and ultimately bring peace of mind to those charged with managing the relationships.

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Specific services

+Client & Customer Relationship Audits / Assessments
Designed to help companies better understand the dynamics of their existing client or customer relationships and signpost action to secure and grow them.
We offer a variety of tools and processes to provide actionable intelligence, for both online assessments and deep dive interviews.

Our three ‘off the shelf’ tools (RADAR, Tenprature Test and Evalu8or) offer short, medium and granular approaches respectively and all of these can be customised at the margin. All offer the opportunity to benchmark against our existing data bank.

Meanwhile, our deep-dive interview tool (Apostles and Renegades®) can uniquely measure and display customer or client commitment rather than simply satisfaction, which experience has taught us is a more robust measure of loyalty and future revenue streams.

+Supplier Assessments
For those companies who wish to evaluate the relationship with and performance of their strategic suppliers and service providers, benchmark progress and identify strategies and actions to optimise the relationships.

These reviews can be undertaken on a one or two way basis, the latter allowing the suppliers to also asses the client company’s input into the relationship. Again, these can be carried out on-line or deep dive as with our client/customer assessments.

+Internal Relationship Assessments
Our internal relationship assessments can be used to take the temperature of staff morale, to assess the commitment of a company’s staff to the organisation and its goals or to better understand dynamics between different divisions or departments within an organisation, with the aim of identifying and curing any relationship issues improve rapport and productivity.

+Relationship Diligence
For those companies who are considering an acquisition of another company and wish to better understand the security of the vendor’s customer and client relationships going forward when any putative transaction is complete. Thus, our focus is on understanding how strong the existing relationships are, whether they will withstand a change of ownership and whether there are any individuals who are critical to the business.

+Win / Loss Assessments
Appropriate for when a company wishes to fully understand why a tender or pitch was unsuccessful or to be clear about the reasons for success over a number of tenders that can be leveraged for future activity.

+Creating Self Sufficiency (CRIS®)
A commercial arrangement in which a company or organisation licenses the use of Relationship Audits’® intellectual property used in undertaking and reporting on deep dive interviews, to include a proven set of tailored and market proven questions, proprietary output, and a highly secure on line relational database to store and analyse the intelligence collected. We can also combine and integrate this with custom-built on line assessments to produce a fully rounded intelligence gathering tool.

+Custom Assessment Tools
Relationship Audits® can also produce customised on line assessment tools if required.

+Skills Development
Relationship Audits® offers a range of powerful training modules designed to help service providers and suppliers improve the skills of their client facing teams, based on our extensive understanding of what clients want from their suppliers and providers.

If you have an impasse in your strategic relationship where both sides are entrenched in their positions Relationship Audits® can help you navigate a way through to resolve the issues. We and our trained mediators, have long experience working with companies to optimise relationships and regularly leverage our learning from many different scenarios to develop mutually acceptable solutions.